Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Iowa! I mean, Eat-o-wa!

When you're in the Midwest, you need to eat like you're in the Midwest...and for me, that means MEAT. Please understand, I'm not terribly carnivorous at home. I don't usually buy meat because it's expensive and a pain to prepare. (OK, not thaaaaat much of a pain, but you must be mindful of cross-contamination, and really, I feel like I already have enough to worry about.) But if I don't have to prepare it, all bets are off. So, I spent this weekend eating meat, bread, and more meat & bread. I must say, it was pretty excellent. May I direct your attention to Exhibit A below? This brisket sandwich with pickles and onions was made by the good folks of B&B Grocery, Meat, and Deli. Yes. Please. Thank you. Always and forever...

Old Dutch Dill Pickle chips became sort of an obsession when the sisters and I were last in Minnesota/North Dakota. And as near as I can tell, they are unavailable on this side of the country. So, as soon as I landed in Iowa and felt the hot and humid Midwestern atmosphere, which made me feel like I was minutes away from a visit to my grandmother's house, I knew I was on a mission to find these chips. And find them I did. At a Hy-Vee grocery store--another thing we westcoasters don't have access to. Honestly, we're so deprived. 

Now, we all know you can't eat all that savory without balancing it with sweet, so I stopped at Creme Cupcake to even things out. They were dense and yummy and an excellent decision on my part because I completely forgot to eat any wedding cake. Huh? What? How did that happen? I don't quite know myself. There was so much Thai food and then beer and then engaging conversation with people I love and never see and then dancing... Silly me, I just plumb forgot. 

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