Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Limp in, leap out

The second day of our trip ended in Hot Springs, MT where we stayed at a little house we found for super cheap on airbnb. We stayed across from this hotel which also houses the hot springs. The Symes Hotel was built in 1930 for $50,000 and business thrived during the Depression. The locals told us, "the water really is magical." I wasn't sold, but Nicholas insisted it was worth the $7/day soak price...

 And soak he did at 7AM. I slept in...I'm not sure who felt more rejuvenated afterward.

We enjoyed some delicious Trout Slayer beer. Because of this catchy name, we decided to reference other slayings throughout the trip. We slayed lots of fruit leathers and a ton of water as well. We failed to slay as much sunscreen as we should have.

On Friday night, we hit up both Main Street bars Hot Springs had to offer. It was certainly an interesting taste of the local flavor. We didn't go too crazy though, because the next morning we needed to be rested enough to take in all of Glacier.

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