Tuesday, July 31, 2012

beastie badges

grizzly bear brooch

Look at these cutie pie badges by illustrator Elizabeth Pawle! Which do you love the most? The shifty-eyed grizzly? The startled badger family, all in a row? The snoozy kitty, wrapped up tight? Or the tiny-legged inquisitive corgi? I can't single out just one because they're all so precious. Well, if I were forced to choose, I think it would be the grizzly because something's going on there. He has a secret for sure, and he thinks you're onto him. Why can't you see his paws and claws? Because he's hiding them...a precursor to attack, I bet. Dangerous badges are the best badges--that's badges, not badgers. You don't need to specify that badgers are dangerous. I mean, that goes without saying. Same applies to bears. 

parade of badgers brooches

cat brooch

corgi brooch

Elizabeth says: Bears, cabins and mountains appear regularly in my work, which is strange as I've
never seen a bear and I don't like the cold.
 No matter, Elizabeth. Just keep up the good work!

Please visit Elizabeth's etsy shop to see all her adorable illustrations. It's right here!
And I found Elizabeth via Tiny Van Emelen's pinboard beren, which has some other swell bear accessories. 

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