Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I live in a land the Praying Mantis love.

Recently, Ben and I started seeing these little guys around town. Praying mantises! This is a new experience for me, and I'm super-excited. Side-note: I have a cricket in my office (which is, apparently, good luck?). I don't exactly want to hurt it, but I also don't want it in residence any longer. I'm thinking about bringing in a praying mantis to do the vile deed. I would, of course, catch the insect assassin and release it back in to the wilds of Los Angeles. As for the mantis above? It was the first one we saw, just hanging around our hibiscus tree while I was succulenting in the garden beds...

This little guy joined us at a pool party last weekend. Don't worry, he wasn't harmed. Despite my murderous feelings for the office cricket, I abhor the thought of hurting this beastie. He also walked on my face, which I think he quite liked.

And finally, this exoskeleton was my most recent sighting. It totally counts!
So, that makes three weekends in a row that I got some praying mantis love!

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  1. Very cool but not sure about your office plan, just get a heavy book, find the offending cricket and bash him.

    1. Ha. Lucky for him he crawled in my purse today and know he lives outside my building. Really hope it was a cricket and not a baby cockroach. Should've used the book.


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