Monday, February 21, 2011

Portland = Foodland

After spending some 26 hours in Portland, I realized that other than nail polish, the only thing I purchased was food.  Here is some of that food (plus a few non-food related pictures). PS the nail polish is swell.

Drinks at Jo's. 

Nick got a sampling of beers at Bridgeport.

Nick got a Moscow Mule [read bourbon drink] at Gilt Club. He needed it to help wash down his meal.

This is the "Neil Everett" burger aka the kitchen sink burger.
They put everything suitable in the kitchen on the burger.
This burger had foie gras, bacon, beef, gouda, lettuce, pickled beets, an egg,
french fries (on the burger), onion ring, some mysterious spiced meat, etc.
 I ordered a side of bread and some artichokes.  There wasn't much for veggies at this club.

Walked by this on the way back to the hotel.  

It creeped me out. Royally. 

In the morning, I had my very first pumpernickel bagel.  It was divine.  

Soy latte at Stumptown.

Bink was so happy to have us back.  She liked spending the weekend without Kitts.
We have to go tonight to pickup the bad baby from my mom's.
Bink will be so disappointed that she is coming home.


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  2. Apparently I deleted my first comment. What I said was this: "The Moscow Mule cup looks like something you'd drink nasty pirate grog from." That's it.

  3. Also, I'd eat the hell out of those french fries right now.

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