Saturday, February 26, 2011

Do some lipstick and drink a vodka drink.

So this weekend started out with some cold weather and rain. Which is okay. I mean, I can live with it if necessary. Which it is because I am not ready to die, not yet. I need to live to see my birthday. So I have another week in me at least. Sorry that doesn't have anything to do with anything other than giving myself props for having a birthday this weekend. Not like it's too important I mean with the genocide, hate and anathema in the world a birthday should be easily overshadowed by it all and slip by with little or no importance at all... <sigh>.

Anyway, I wanted to share what happened at Rite Aid on Friday. I went in to pick up some things. Now mind you I prefer not going to Rite Aid due to the lengthy time you are inevitably going to stand in line waiting to make your purchase. This Rite Aid in particular is frustrating because of the limited parking space, now I should explain this more. There is plenty of parking. I would say that it's never a full up lot, maybe sixteen spaces or so. The problem is that about eight of them are designated for handicap parking. The most baffling thing to me is not that all the spaces are very close to the entrance due to the small lot and it's close proximity to the entry way of the store. The most amazing thing to me is that the absolute closest spot, the one right in front of the entrance, is not handicap designated. It's so close that when you open your door and step out of your car the electronic sliding doors register your movement and open. This is just mind boggling to me and just incredibly annoying as well. Okay lets move on Rite Aid is a pain, it's never quick and the parking lot is poorly designed. On to the more Soviet park of my story...

Russian chocolates, how they love their woodland creatures.

So I originally went in to pick up a new lip gloss and some vodka. These things were what I wanted on Friday, lip gloss and vodka, fair enough I am an adult. Because the lip gloss I wanted was no longer an option (sold out) I  decided to get a couple different shades of lip stick along with my vodka and some diet coke. I didn't quite realize how Russian I looked until I got up to the counter (after an anticipated long wait time) and lay my items on the counter. I naturally comment to the young man who is cashiering that I am aware I am purchasing some strange, even hooker-ish, items. He says to me that it sounds like a good night, "Do some lipstick and drink a vodka drink...". I agree and leave.

So that was Friday. Saturday was a lovely day, had coffee with my new friend Jim, did some calendering (october is finished) and enjoyed that vodka drink. But as Christine put it, Nature has found us at last. We experienced an onslaught of ice and snow in the valley. Very strange, strange enough that I am certain to store up on water and canned foods.

It's no Siberia, but it is snow in Burbank.

My favorite plant in the yard... covered with snow.

Disclaimer: I meant no disrespect to Russian women by saying that my purchases where 'hooker-ish' and  in hand claiming that it made me seem Russian. I am just simply just saying I wouldn't be surprised if a Russian hooker had purchased the same items as I did in the past (maybe less the diet coke).


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