Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tacoma is for lovers

OK, so I thought I was so over Valentine's Day. Turns out, I'm not. How does something like that happen? It's all because of Laurie Cinotto of The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee fame. She also has a blog dedicated to her crafting life: craft + art. And as I was conducting my daily blog troll (like 6 minutes ago), I happened upon the delightful valentines she created for the Tacoma is For Lovers craft sale (Mom, Monika, and I went a while ago and I bought these from Laurie!) at King's Books on Sunday the 13th. Hold up a sec. Sunday the 13th?! I was in Tacoma that day! And I didn't know about disappointing.

Anywhozels, I dig her Valentine's Day treats and this appreciation propelled me back into the Valentine's Day spirit. I mean, not totally because I'm having quite the odd/bitchy/suspicious/weepy/grumbly week, but it's getting me pretty close. Since I'm still close enough to touch Valentine's Day--sort of--I decided I'd post the last V-Day pictures, which had been resigned to the non-blog picture file, just like the Island of Misfit Toys (no child wants to play with a Charlie in the box). Majorly sad. Now I feel like I'm a jerk for almost not posting these pictures. Yup, my brain is telling me I've behaved like an ass to several inanimate objects. The same brain that prompts me to apologize after bumping into a door. Thanks, brain.

So, after I made the heart garlands, I saved the leftover bits. I thought I'd cut some little heart outlines and string them up too.

So, I did.

With an embroidery needle and floss.

And the aforementioned leftover bits.

Mom and I went to the antique mall to look at vintage Valentine's and postcards.

This bear wants your heart of gold?

Giraffe in a top hat? Sure.

Giraffe torso and talk of wiggling out of love? Huh.

The whole shebang. It's kind of creepy in pieces, right?

So, I think that does it. No more random Valentine's Day items languishing in recesses of my camera's memory card. Hooray for happy endings.

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