Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Heavens Sake!

Okay so it's quickly reaching the middle of February and I am still calendering. I am just taking a quick break from May, which I'll tell you I am not doing this thing in sequential order so don't think you know where I am at status wise. But I am currently working on May, that's right Catherine your month. I will try not to make it the worst month, but I can't make any promises this thing is pretty unpredictable.

I know I have made a reference to calendering in the past but don't know if I have explained this new phenomenon. Well calendering is when a week before Second Christmas you start a project and have every intention to get it done in time for the present celebration. This naturally doesn't work out when you impulsively select a time consuming lengthy project like making a calender. Obviously if you rush through it and it is terrible that is something that will inevitably haunt you for a full calender year. So I need it to be good, and I need it to be done so I am not the lame ass that gives someone a calender in June. 

So to sum it up, calendering is painstakingly working on a calender that is past due and knowing that every day, every week, and (especially) every month that goes by without the gift being given the stakes get higher and the calender must be better.
But the initial reason for this post was to take a break from the above and share my Beauty and the Beast picture. This is Mrs. Potts and Chip, hidden somewhere in the Disneyland landscape.... To Be Continued.


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