Sunday, February 6, 2011


When I typed, "UPDATE," it reminded me of all those days I spent watching Unsolved Mysteries.  Sometimes when you would least expect it, there would be an update at the end of the segment.  It was always a really special day when you got an update on Unsolved Mysteries.  I wonder if that show is still on.  There were a few episodes that creeped me out big time.
This update is about crafts (duh).  I went ahead and found homes for some of my Christmas presents that dear sisters made me.  I shouldn't be doing this because I have a bunch of homework and some papers to write, but it seemed like something that should be taken care of tonight.
Without further ado...
Fox ribbon found a home clipped on my special aprons and potholders.

The "Catherine" banner is hanging in the spare bedroom.

These hand-drawn cards from Monika will get used soon...if you're lucky you might get one.

Christine was also nice enough to send me a St. Valentine's day present in the mail.  I received some lovely heart banners which you might recognize from this post. I decided to hang mine up pronto.  Valentine's day isn't too far away.

Ok now it's really time to go do some more homework.  Sigh.  I can't stop thinking about roadtrips, and for the record, I would give just about anything to be climbing the steps to Pompey's Pillar right now.



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