Sunday, February 6, 2011

All for knot

Knots. Something for sailors, Boy Scouts, and kidnappers, right? Not true. You--yes, you!--can tie knots with a little practice. All right, you got me. I'm not talking cleat hitches and bowlines here--I don't even know what those are--I'm talking about decorative knots. Even though they probably won't get you out of a jam or save your life, they're still kind of nice. And who wouldn't like to add the ability to tie a variation on a carrick bend (which is a knot with a practical use: tying two ropes together) into their skill repertoire?

Knot trivets for Catherine.

I ran across this project on the Design Sponge blog a while back. Is Design Sponge on your radar? It should be. Go to their site. Guest bloggers, Derek & Lauren of The Curiosity Shoppe, provided the tutorial, which can be found here: Knot Trivet 

They're pros, so their instructions are much better than mine could ever be, but I should probably mention that I couldn't find the size rope they recommended. So, my knot trivets are made using a little smaller cotton rope. Just remember that the pots and pans you'll be setting on these trivets will be hot--make sure you don't get some nylon stuff that will melt into a giant mess. I dyed my trivets with regular old fabric dye, and it should be noted that if you put them in the dryer, their shape will go all wonky. So, let them air dry.

And knot trivets for Monika!

I had some leftover clothesline from another project, so I made a little necklace that
I have never worn. 
Maybe someday...

Nuts for knots? Check out Stormdrane's Blog--it is knot heaven. And for you three or four guys reading this blog, hello there, most of Stormdrane's knot projects lean masculine, real masculine. I feel confident saying that Stromdrane has some serious skills, and I think he'd be an asset to any situation involving a bunker, a plane crash, escaped (or even contained) zombies, or some type of Waterworld scenario. (Do you sometimes get the urge to watch Waterworld? I was just asking because...I don't, ever.) While I, on the other hand, would be an asset to any situation involving the production of a superior cat toy, the coloring coding of a bookshelf, or the drinking of spirits late into the night. So, yeah.

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