Friday, February 18, 2011


I know sounds like a pretty wild Friday night.  I took succulent inventory of the house and accomplished some much needed repotting and organizing.  Don't fret--I documented the whole thing! Hold on to your knickers.
The whole shebang.

This is a little planter (with a bird on it). Christine got me this for  (second) Christmas.

Notice anything missing?

Oh, that's right my entire succulent mysteriously broke the other day...

I wonder who could have done such a thing?

She cleaning up because she's so bad she had to be sprayed with water.

This wasn't even staged.  Once upon a time a succulent lived in this pot.

Until a bad Peanut came along and grabbed it in her mouth.

Kitts and I agreed it was best she keep her distance for the rest of the evening.

This is a new pot of succulents from one of my master succulents.

Another off-shoot.

I reused a coffee cup that broke for this succulent.

More replants.

The master of all succulents.

 Bird planter with plants! Imagine that.

The best cat at Glass Ave.

She's so dainty!

I even found some new place to put succulents.

And it lived happily ever after...(hopefully).


  1. Stumbled upon your blog purely by chance. I, too, am a crazy succulent lady. Love them! Your pics are great and I'm totally feeling your plate wall in the background - awesome!

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