Sunday, February 20, 2011

Matilda's Sleepy Sunday

Matilda definitely prefers her bed in the window, especially on sunny days like today, but she's also been spending some major time in her tissue paper nest as of late. I explained the tissue paper thing before, right? Quickly: Matilda loves tissue paper. In piles, boxes, cat tents, drawers, cupboards, and bags. She dives into it in pursuit of sparkle balls and buries fuzzy mice beneath its festive layers. She also sleeps in it. Sometimes I catch her sleeping and cover her up with excess tissue paper. It's this whole thing we do.

I don't want you to think that I bugged her until she woke up--she slept through about 30 minutes of the National Geographic special I was watching about the Namibian desert, featuring the Golden Wheel Spider. A pile of tissue paper is just that comfortable. But now that she's up, we have to play. Them's the rules.

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