Friday, February 25, 2011

a banner day for Ben

I made a banner for Ben's birthday (which was on Wednesday). He's 32 now. Should I have said that? I think it's OK. It's not a secret, yeah? I'm sure it's fine. He lives in California and went to Disneyland on his birthday. Thirty-two is going to be an awesome year! And yes, I know this all sounds insincere, but I assure you: I am being sincere.

Here's Ben's banner hanging in my kitchen. (Yup, his full name is Bennett.)
Shortly after this picture was taken my curtain rod fell down. And so it goes.

Monika suggested snakes for the end cards.

So I went with snakes.

The font is called KAVIVA and I found it free on Abstract Fonts.

I encountered a couple snags while sewing the ribbon part of the banner, but that's to be expected. Ben will just have to live with those little quirks...or maybe Monika can fix those for him. I didn't take pictures of that part because really, that joke is getting old at this point, right? The joke about me not being able to sew, I mean. Not so funny anymore, just sad. A long, crooked line of sadness. Happy Birthday, Ben!

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