Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Peanut & Purl: A sophisticated baby sweater

My best childhood friend recently gave birth to twin boys! You know what that means, I needed to get knitting like you wouldn't believe...
I decided to knit a pair of baby sophisticate sweaters (the pattern was free on Ravelry). It's the perfect pattern to make a mini-grandpa sweater. I added some leather buttons and will be adding mini elbow patches to complete the look.

I purchased the yarn at my favorite local yarn shop, Canvas Works. This baby sophisticate sweater was knit with Cascade Yarns Superwash which is machine washable (very important for baby clothes).

I plan on giving you some more details about this project in the future, but for now this is what you get. My computer decided to possibly die on me mid-post. Don't fret, it will all get taken care of. I also have the second baby sweater to show you...but I have to finish it first.

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