Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Make: Me Feel Like Fall

Rusty Foks by Celapiu

It's always a nice change of pace when one season starts to falter and let another in to give us some relief. I am so excited for autumn. It makes me think of bright red and yellow leaves, and the smell of dirt and earthen decay. I am ready. You can be too-- make sure you wear your scarf and put on some flannel, drop the temperature, bundle up, enter fall... 

Recently, I discovered these beautiful felted faux fox (or Foks) stoles. They are handmade by Celapiu (tse-lah-pyoo) of Cracow, Poland, and they make me feel like Fall so hard. I want them all.

Silver Wolf  by Celapiu

Foks de luxe by Celapiu

Mustard Foks by Celapiu

 They are all so wonderful, but I think my favorite is the Foks de luxe.

Visit more of the Fokses at Celapiu's Etsy page, and welcome fall with a faux Foks fur!

And if you adore the soft sweetness of felt creations, check out Christine's felted fungus project and get in the mood for fall. Amanita muscaria,  Amanita pantherina, Coprinellus micaceus, and Agaricus augustus.

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