Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Make: fleur-de-lis skirt

Wondering what to do when it's 100 degrees out? Well, that's an easy one!
Coop yourself up in the only air conditioned room in the house and sew a fun skirt...

When I was last at home with mother, I was able to convince her to open up her big yellow sewing cabinet and let me look upon the splendor of fabrics collected since our childhood. It had that nice old fabric scent and there were clusters of bobbins, buttons, zippers, and corduroy all accumulated over the years. Mother seemed reluctant at first, and may have thought I would pillage her entire stash, but in the end, I insisted she stop giving me fabric because I couldn't zip my suitcase. Since she was so generous, I promised to put the fabric to use and make lots of garments. Better get sewing!

I already had a project in my mind (and heart): I wanted to use this lovely cream and red fleur-de-lis print from the aforementioned sewing cabinet. I just needed to pick up some lining and lace which I did on one excruciatingly hot summer day (resulting in a heat headache). I bought a cream cotton lace from JoAnne Fabrics and dyed it red to match.

And to think my boyfriend teases me about saving all those jars. Joke's on him: mango jam jar turned dying apparatus!

 It was much harder than I thought it would be to get good pictures of my skirt, but the light and comfort of the kitchen drew me in.

Still, I didn't truly feel comfortable until I had all my womanly tools in hand. Oh, and please do excuse the mess on and around the fridge, instead focus on the loveliness of my handmade garment.

And that's my fleur-de-lis skirt. I hope you're proud of me, Mom!

(Anyone else thinking of Fleur from Harry Potter right now?)

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