Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Mixtape: Instrumental Ills

Well, Halloween is upon us. I hope you've amassed an incredible playlist of spooky, creepy, unsettling, downright terrifying music--I certainly have. Now, if only I knew someone who was interested in a 14 hour Halloween party, my mixtapes could achieve their destinies. Who knows? A Halloween miracle might just happen...

1. Overture (The Phantom of the Opera), Andrew Lloyd Webber
2. Night on Bald Mountain, Modest Mussorgsky
3. Not Human (Pan's Labyrinth), Javier Navarrete
4. Renfield (Dracula Solo Piano), Philip Glass
5. Introduction (12 Monkeys), Astor Piazzolla
6. Dracula: The Beginning (Bram Stoker's Dracula), Wojciech Kilar
7. The Plant Boy's Song (Witches of Venice), Philip Glass
8. Danse Macabre, Camille Saint-Saens
9. Beetlejuice Main Titles/End Titles, Danny Elfman
10. Music Box (Candyman), Philip Glass
11. Title Music from a Clockwork Orange, Walter Carlos
12. Symphonie Fantastique, IV. March to the Scaffold, Hector Berlioz
13. In the Hall of the Mountain King, Edvard Grieg
14. The Bride of Frankenstein, Franz Waxman
15. Carmina Burana: O Fortuna, Carl Orff

Have you found yourself in a Halloween mixtape bind? Here's a link to a few more suggestions for country killers, old school Halloween jams, vintage spooky tunes, creepy sleepy music, and selections of the deep and dark variety...

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