Friday, October 12, 2012

DIY: Skeletor Skin!!

So yes, if you can't tell already, we are excited about Halloween. When Christine and Catherine visited  Burbank a couple weeks ago, the task we were charged with was a tutorial on creating a skeleton face. We soon realized this was easier than we made it...

Since it was Christine's idea, she was the guinea pig, and boy, am I glad of that. She received the full effect of our inexperience, including the joy I'm sure she felt when we took her outside and put flour all over her face. Sorry, Christine (who soon became obsessed with her skeleton face... just saying).

To attempt this you'll need supplies: black face paint, white face paint (we got ours from Target for $1 each), black eyeliner, black or gray eye shadow, and all purpose paint brushes. Pretty easy so far, right?

Step One: Smear white face paint all over your face. Be liberal with the application and allow time to dry between coats.

Step Two: Use black eyeliner to draw around your eyes. You don't want to get the paint too close to sensitive areas... there are warnings against that. (And make sure you have a sister present to give you champagne to sip through a straw. It helps the process along.)

Step Three: Fill in the hollows of your eye sockets with black paint. Catherine was the artist and she likened the shape to a tilted egg.

Step Four: Go ahead and give yourself a nasal cavity. To create the look just leave a thin white line down the center of your nose: wider on the tip of your nose and narrowing up the bridge. Then you can paint over the outline of the nose and make alterations and adjustments as needed.

Step Five: Teeth! Watch out, this one tickles. You can get as dramatic or creative with this piece and really impact the look of the skull--cartoonish can quickly lend itself to creepy.

We used several all-purpose paint brushes for the detail work--the face paint washes out with warm, soapy water.

Step Six (Six Six): You're ready for some shading! Add contours, lines, soften hard edges, go crazy if you want.
This last step really ties everything together and polishes the final look.


But we never forget that we're still sisters...


What a perfect instagram opportunity


Looking for more costume ideas? Recently, I put together a little dire-wolf costume and a particularly fantastic fox ensemble. Also, I was a volcano last year.


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