Thursday, October 18, 2012

Home & Away: Browne's Addition

I think it's generally agreed that we Nicolai sisters like autumn best. Admittedly, it can be tough to stay true to this brisk, colorful season...especially when you're caught in the melancholy grip of winter and all you do is pine and wish for spring. Sigh. But we try to keep faithful with thoughts of leaves crunching beneath our boots and pumpkins and fires and lightweight jackets against crisp breezes. And oh! Oh, it's time for knitted hats and scarves and fingerless gloves and cowls! Yes, this is the time of year when we gather all the lovely bits of fall in order that we keep the autumnal fires burning bright in our hearts all year long. Here are some of my neighborhood's seasonal treasures...

This is the Finch Mansion in Browne's Addition (the oldest neighborhood in Spokane, WA, by the way). It's split into apartments. Could you even imagine living in a historic mansion with balconies and a rooftop terrace? Too much for me to contemplate right now. Plus, it has a view of the river. It just gets worse and worse, right? Sometimes I like to imagine that it's disgusting inside just to help me feel less envious...but it's probably not disgusting. I'm betting it's spectacular. 

Since Browne's was established in the 1890s, there are cobbly bits everywhere. 

The last of my tomatoes somehow weathered the change in temperature and, against all reason, started ripening. Pocket full of red (well, almost red) gold right here. 

This little bug was waiting at the window when I came home. She was quite confused as to why I was on the other side of the glass The outside world is reserved for strange cats and squirrels, not civilized people. Hmph! 

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