Saturday, October 6, 2012


Joy of joys! It's my beloved Cascades! Aren't they stellar and dreamy? Of course I'm still in California vacation love mode, so you're getting subjected to yet another round. Are you as excited as I am? Probably not. Sorry. Just look away...

Tomorrowland, aka: the place where Space Mountain and Star Tours live. This particular ride looks like it belongs in Aughra's lair. You know, from The Dark Crystal. Oh, it's just another Great Conjunction. Happens all the time. No biggie.  

Everything in Disneyland was all autumnal and pumpkin-ified. That's how they do Halloween. Also, around 5PM, a ton of people arrived for this Halloween party thing and that meant...costumes! But I don't have any pictures of those. Silly me. Where were my priorities? 

We sisters took a vote, and The Hollywood Tower of Terror is the best ride in California Adventure.
Hands down. Please note: screaming is mandatory. 

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