Tuesday, April 24, 2012

snail friends

This weekend was absolutely glorious--the first really nice weekend the PNW has seen this year. I spent the last 2 weekends in class, but after that was through, I did a bunch of yard work with Mom. We came across these two lovebirds as we were planting radishes and lettuce. I shall call them Edna and Timothy (pssst, the dark shell is Edna). 

They shall be my garden pets. 

We became fast friends.

Then I politely dropped them off back home.

See you around, Timothy and Edna!

Oh and PS, I also saw a dead bird on campus this weekend. I took a picture of it when no one was around. A couple of minutes later this girl rode by on her bicycle. She saw the bird and looked really sad. Then she picked up the dead bird (with her hands BIRD FLU, HELLO!!!), and she put the bird in her backpack.



  1. LMFAO!!! Wow. That is really weird. The bird thing. The snails are awesome! X

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