Tuesday, April 3, 2012

friendship necklace

Remember when you were 10 and you and your sisters would wrap embroidery floss around a little chunk of hair at the base of your neck? Yeah, me too!!!! This necklace reminded me of that. In full disclosure, I was with Christine and our mom at Target a few weeks back when we came across this necklace. Christine and I immediately decided it was ridiculous to pay for this when we could easily make it (Hello, we're Girl Scouts!)...

The next week I went to Forever 21 and picked up a cheap and hideous necklace with some pink plastic thing on it (which I quickly disposed). I was left with a nice long gold chain.

I had a little stash of embroidery thread that Christine put in my Christmas stocking last year--the color scheme worked quite nicely. I chose 5 different colors out of the bunch.

Of course Peanut helped.

You start by making a knot where you want to start your first color block. (Seeing my finger prints this close kind of freaks me out.)

Next you cross the floss over the chain like so...

You'll make a knot with the floss...

Then you'll slide the knot up. Snuggle it right in next to all the others.

Keep on knotting over and over until you have the length that you want. When you're done, just knot off the end several times in a row and snip the floss.

I added a couple of colors in a row, but it's basically whatever you want to do.

Some things to think about--the floss will sort of take on the shape of the chain, so you'll want to keep that in mind. The necklace from Target had a blocked chain, so the floss knots had more structure. I used a necklace with a really standard chain, and the floss kind of swirled around it. 

Go make a necklace. You'll be pleased with the custom colors and your necklace won't be made in a factory in China--I guess your chain probably still will be, but the labor that you put into it will be the labor of love.

Want to make a matching friendship bracelet or ring? We've got you covered.

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