Thursday, April 26, 2012

Brief Musical Interlude: Elastica

I don't know if it was the fact that I got about four hours of direct sunlight this weekend and spent it wearing these sunglasses. (And then continued to wear them to work, even though I was fairly certain it was a bit ridiculous.)

Or the chance discovery of my Elastica cd in the truck on Tuesday, 


Or remembering that I luh-luh-loved Hackers as a teenager. Johnny Lee Miller as Crash Override? Duh. 


Regardless of what sparked the nostalgia, I experienced a total nineties, ironic t-shirt clad, primary colored computer diskettes, chipped blue nail polish, motocross jacket-wearing, girls with boy's haircuts, rings for days, Dr. Martens stomping, messenger bagging your giant laptop, cyber-punk makeup, Discman listening, rollerblading (or as Jesse would correct me, "inline skating", because Rollerblade is actually a brand, not a verb), teenager remix feeling.
Much appreciated, Universe. 

This Elastica video will serve as my love letter to 1995. God, could Justine Frischmann be any cooler?

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