Monday, April 9, 2012

bottled water

OK, I'm not big on ketchup, but I do enjoy it from time to time...say if hot dogs happen to be involved. However, as a result of my sporadic ketchup use, I've had a bottle in the fridge which expired in 2009. I can feel Catherine, with her complete suspicion of anything past its expiration date, shuddering over this bit of information. But it's not like I'm still using it, sister. Anyway, as I dumped the old ketchup (and the kitchen began to smell overwhelmingly of processed tomato product) and prepared to recycle the bottle, I wondered if I might repurpose it somehow. I've seen these bottles used to dispense even piles of pancake batter, so I thought maybe I could use the bottle to water some plants.

I basically have one window with sufficient light, so all my succulents (and my sad little African violet) are clustered there. Matilda also clusters there, in her cat bed because she thrives on sunlight as much as the plants. Anyway, my pots are tightly packed and some of them aren't super easy to reach with a standard watering can. See my aloe pot?
I planted little aloes in the saucer, and its not exactly a picnic to water that sort of arrangement. 

That's where the ketchup bottle enters the picture. 

Specifically, the cap.

The cap allows you to direct a stream of water wherever your heart desires. And my heart desires the water go here. 

And here.

And here. 

Easy as pie. Just remember that you're shooting a stream of water, and if you're not careful, you can blast out your rocks or dirt. So shoot gently, my friends. 

Now all you have to do is consume 32 ounces (that's 2 lbs!!!!) of ketchup. Yeah. Good luck with that.
Um, happy hotdogs, I guess. 

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