Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Vogue, vogue, vogue

My mom saw a nice spring scarf in my latest Vogue Knitting magazine and decided that she would like it.
We went downtown to Canvas Works, and she picked out this lovely shade of pink yarn. 

The yarn is Firefly by Classic Elite Yarns.
It's made in Italy, and is a blend of 75% viscose and 25% linen, which will be nice even in warmer weather.

The pattern is called Drop Lace Scarf and it's the #14 pattern in this season's Vogue Knitting magazine.
Here's a creepy Youtube of the scarf. 

It's coming along quite nicely. I just need to make sure I stay on top of it to get done on time. It was a fluke that the pink matched the color shown in the pattern. I would have picked something a bit more subdued, but there wasn't a lot of color choice in the spring/summer weight knits.

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