Friday, April 27, 2012

Spokane, here I come!

I'm heading out to Spokane today to spend the weekend with Christine. We're going to have a blast (obviously).
Our agenda so far includes: pancakes, yarn store, possible taxidermy museum, maybe Idaho, breakfast somewhere, margaritas, embroidery floss in a park, frozen yogurt from Didier's, estate sales/thrift stores, and the bead/mineral store. There will definitely be some Roseanne watching, too.

Basically it's going to be really amazing, and I cannot wait.

Here's a look back to the last couple of times I was in Spokane.

Games in bars (this bar has since closed--but that won't stop us).

Dry Fly Distillery.

Lots of Matilda.

Spokane Falls.

Mini golf.

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