Monday, April 2, 2012

bunches of brooches

bunny brooches

Harriet Damave is the artist behind these adorable bunnies and horses and goats and kitties. I feel like
I wouldn't be exaggerating if I were to say I loved them. After all, don't you love them? Let's just agree that we all do. 

horse brooch

siamese cat brooch

goats brooches

Harriet hails from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and she creates and paints each exquisite piece and fires them all
in her kiln. Uhh yeah, she has a kiln. And I bet she never used her kiln to make an alien head in her after-school ceramics class, located in the basement of Collins Elementary. (Many years later, I tried to smash that alien head
in the driveway but was thwarted by Mother. Said head is probably still in the garage, along with all my other
teenage weirdness. Don't tell anyone.) Back to Harriet. I'm impressed with anything involving several skill-specific steps, and to me, sculpting, painting, and firing clay in the tradition of Delft Porcelain all while creating sweetly
expressive animals loveliness definitely falls into the This Impresses the Hell Out of Christine category.
Really, who could fail to be impressed by Harriet's work? Only a crafting Scrooge. 

Here's Harriet hard at work in her studio. 

Please visit Harriet in her...
or her ceramics shop...

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