Friday, March 30, 2012


Yep, I went and bought a little Venus fly trap. In the interest of full disclosure, I should mention that this isn't the first time I've come home with a carnivorous plant. The other times didn't turn out so well...for the plant, I mean...

I made it through just fine. Believe me, I feel really guilty about killing plants. I'm sorry I let you eat that giant moth, OK? Not that causing one little trap to shrivel up and die was the key to the plant's undoing. Individual traps die and new growth replaces the old. It's Nature. NATURE! Anyway, I checked out a book on carnivorous plants this time. It's aptly titled: Carnivorous Plants. Now I have the know-how and the elbow grease to lead my plants to a new land.

Venus fly traps are found in the Carolinas, and they love three things. 

1. Boggy conditions
2. Nutrient deficient soil
3. Insects

Thus, it's important to keep your fly trap very well-hydrated, and I'm not talking watering from the top down. The fly trap wants wet roots at all times, so a dish with standing water is the way to go. And the peat moss and dome both help to retain moisture. The traps get the majority of their nutrients from whatever they catch, so be sure to de-dome and place them in a buggy area once in a while. Your traps will thank you...hopefully by continuing to live. 

You'll need your fly trap, a smallish pot with saucer

a smallish glass dome

 a bit of sand

a bit of peat moss

mix it all together

add traps

 and dome it!

Pssst! Clean up your mess.

Fly trap bonus tip: if they're kept in the sun, the'll turn ruby red. Isn't it exciting? I hope my traps last that long. Does anyone have any fly trap tips? They were only $5.00, but like I said, I feel terrible killing plants. And I currently have an African violet that is looking a mite peaked. Any green thumbs with advice? 


  1. i've always wanted a fly trap!!

    i know they like nitrogen deficient soil-i wonder if all the commercial fertilizers they put in soil now are too much for it?

    1. That's the impression that I got after doing a little reading. I don't think I'll be fertilizing these puppies. Strangely, I have found myself hoping that I'll get some little bugs in the apartment!

  2. It needs distilled water (or rainwater) and sunlight! (Preferably outside light) Not only that but the peat moss you used has added Fertilizer so it'll kill the plant... Well, it's too late for this guy, but I just want people that read this later on to know. has good information on this stuff. . .


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