Friday, March 25, 2011

felted fungus

I felted a little toadstool rattle for a friend's daughter, but I'm not quite sure (and Catherine agrees) if the rattle will stand up to baby fingers and baby strength. I mean, I've shaken the hell out of it, but I haven't tried to rip it to pieces or put it in my mouth (both big time baby activities). Should I try to reinforce it? Make it thicker? Or should I send it off to the middle of corn country (Iowa) and let nature take its course?

The stem is actually pretty sturdy, but I have my doubts about the mushroom cap. Send it along or back to the drawing board?

And honestly, Matilda couldn't care less.

And yes, I realize that in real life, red cap toadstools (Amanita muscaria) should not go into baby mouths, but this is woodland pretend life, and the mother in this instance, knows her mushroom business.
This little toadstool rattle will cause no hallucinogenic crises. 


  1. Felted items are suitable for children, but I would certainly felt it tighter or it will be ripped apart. If you are concerned about the mushroom losing shape, just add a little more roving.

  2. if my "grandcat" can demolish a rock hard needle felted ball.... into nothing but tiny shreds of wool all over the house.... a baby/child can do similar damage. Little bits of chewed off wool are not a great idea! Plus, unless you know your wool roving is super clean there's bound to be veggie matter in it and who knows what else. From another felter

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