Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Oh sweet nothing

I have nothing worth blogging about this week. But next week, next week I'm hoping to have plenty. That's because in exactly one week's time, Mom and I will be visiting Monika and Ben in California. I don't quite know what's on the agenda yet, but I am definitely going to see some ocean (ocean which I will not enter because I don't want to risk an encounter with the Humboldt squid).

I mean, I've been to ocean before. A lot. It's just that my ocean is the Pacific Northwest ocean and that's almost always gray and cold and windy and sans-dolphins.

And even on nice sunny days, it's still fairly cold and windy.

All righty! Back to thinking about trips and packing and tiny plane-ready toiletries. And succulents and citrus and heirloom tomatoes that grow all year long!

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