Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Monika's birthday and some stitches.

It's about time I blogged about the craft I made for Monika's birthday.  As I blog this I'm listening to Monika's beau's beats.  It's the best to blog to. The next tiiiiiimmmmmmme, I promise the next tiiiiiiimmmmmeeeee...anyway. I now present you with Olive's personalized pillow!

The inspiration!
Less inspiring but still dog-related.

I chose some fabric.

I cut out an Olive.

I sewed on an Olive.

Assess the supplies. Make a plan.

Sew together.

Wrap and send.

I think it's cute. Monika said it's cute, but the real test will be when I ask Mom and Christine if they see it out on display when they visit Monika and Ben in Burbank.  She better not put it out just for show. I think a Genevieve or Peanut-Pillow is in the future.

This would be a good picture to pattern-off of.

Stitch update.

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