Friday, March 11, 2011

contingency plans

Gmail chat between me and Catherine.

Me: Morning.

Catherine: Hey!

Me: How's your wound?

Catherine: It hurts. It took me a long time to get ready, and it's all bruised and gross. I'm going to take pictures of it each day. I only wish I had pictures of all the blood, and I don't think my new bandaging makes it look any less suicidal-y.

Me: No, I would suppose not. You and your injuries.

Catherine: I don't have that many, but seriously you need to come up with a game plan.

Me: For?

Catherine: Because the first thing I thought of was: what if this ever happened when someone was home alone?

Me: California?

Catherine: No. Like with you or Mom.

Me: Oh.

Catherine: With injuries. It was intense.

Me: Yeah, I'd just lie on the floor and bleed to death or choke on some chicken while eating in front of a mirror. Stuff like that.

Me: Mom would have to drag herself in from the barn or lie out there and hope Ray could hear her calling for help. But she has the advantage in this situation because if we can't get her on the phone, we'll call Ray and make him go look for her.

Me: I, on the other hand, am mostly off the grid. I don't answer my phone consistently and don't really see people with any regularity. But I would be missed at work, and since I usually only have one day off, it wouldn't take too long to find me.

Me: So that is my game plan.

Me: Although, I guess it's really just a plan for finding my dead body.

Catherine: Hmmm.


  1. I have a friend who will contact me if she hasn't heard from me in 48 hours. The plan is to find me before the cats eat my face. It's a good plan.

  2. That's an excellent plan, Kathy! And yes, the eating of the face by cats is always a concern. I worry about that myself. Matilda is very hungry.

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