Monday, March 7, 2011

Oh what a lovely day. My Birthday revisited.

Welcome to the photo journal entry of my 28th Birthday.

Naturally Ben and I had to visit Disneyland (note my birthday button). The Mickey Mouse ears were actually from DisneyWorld, a gift from Brandon. Yes, there is a name embroidered on the back... and it might be Steve.

Luckily the snapdragons were out. My favorite puppet like flower on this planet.

I think this was the first 80 degree birthday I can remember. Magical.

"It's a warm night, she'll be alright."
Disneyland's own Big Ben from the Peter Pan ride, you can even see the Matterhorn in the background.

We enjoyed a Mickey Mouse pretzel, it was surprisingly good.
I may have enjoyed mine with mustard and cheese.

The Dumbo ride isn't very good, but it sure does look the part on a sunny birthday.

We left Disneyland because Ben had a surprise for me... The Maritime Museum in San Pedro! 

They had interesting exhibits, like so.

I will admit my favorite part was the model ships. 

But I enjoyed the larger ones too.

These are worry birds, but I call them blue pine cone birds.
When your loved one is at sea you are supposed to put it on your night stand. 

Even though I was having fun sometimes there's stormy weather when my sisters and I aren't together....


This is the actual model ship they used for the original 'Poseidon Adventure' in 1972.
 It weights over a ton and during filming they had the propellers and smoke stacks working.

It's designed to be a perfect miniature to the scale of the Queen Mary, as seen in the painting,
and referenced in Arrested Development.

I love Miniatures!!

All in all what a Happy Birthday!

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