Monday, March 28, 2011

Boot and boys...and hats and socks.

I finished up two separate knitting projects over the weekend.  This past weekend also marked the end of my spring break.  First up, I used the eco alpaca (half of it) I purchased in Tucson earlier this year to make a hat. It's a very comfortable, slouchy hat. I do not hate it.

Next on the list was finishing up Nicholas' socks.  I went ahead and did just that.  The socks are cozy and cute.  He better wear them or else I will steal them back and wear them myself.  This yarn was also purchased at Purls in Tucson.  Nick picked out the color...obviously, he loves orange.

Both of these projects were documented at my Ravelry site, so if you're at all interested in knitting and the like, you should signup there.


  1. Got it. Obviously, I have not spent much time listening to those cds you made me.

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