Friday, December 6, 2013

Top 5: Advent Calendars

Advent Mobile from Hampton SC*

Most everyone gets excited about Christmas, or the Holidays, and what better way to count down the days than a fun advent calendar. You can get super creative and make your calendar really shine with your Christmas decor. Here are five great idea for advent calendars, some of them are from foreign websites however they have great pictures if your not a polyglot...

Icy Crystal Christmas Advent Calendar by Mr Printables
Although I tend to lean more toward traditional holiday decorations, incorporating holiday colors, glitz and gold, and winter fauna; I do love this crystal advent calendar, it makes me happy to see geometry and colors used to count down the season, and there is plenty of room to hide treasures inside!


a Sentimental Advent Calendar by Rukristin Papercrafts

This advent calendar is so sweet and sentimental, but could also be very funny. This design has charming sentiments to her beloved that he is able to read each day. To sisterize it I would suggest reminders of funny mishaps. For instance, I would likely find a reminder of when I wrote a note proclaiming some one was stupid, but had a ironic spelling error (stupied). Or if it were for Christine, it may have a reminder of the time she slipped on an icy step and Catherine just happened to be recording her. Or Catherine may open one up that may have some of Miley Cyrus' lyrics to Wrecking Ball.

Swag Advent Calendar by TheMerryThought

I love this one because it not only brings the outside inside, but it also incorporates swag! It reminds me of how every year mom hangs swag with lights on the front of the house. Ah Christmas memories...

Paper bag Advent Calendar from englemor

Brown paper packages tied up with string! How could you not love this advent calendar? It's so simple you can easily make it at home, and customize it in a thousand different ways.

Okay so there are my five favorites, too bad I didn't get a jump start on this instead of waiting until the 6th of December.

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