Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Handmade Home: Year in Review

Well it's been a big year for us at On My Honor, and even though we took a short hiatus this spring we are back in full swing and are excited and appreciative that you take the time to visit our blog. We sisters have been pretty busy, and here are some of the things we made. So please enjoy our handmade year in review...

Aww, love. Last February when I was visiting home, we got out our felt and catnip and put together some Valentine inspired cat toys. Also, I love these cute honeycomb hearts that Christine made. They are so delicate.

Celebrate spring with some colorful felted earrings, you can easily customize them to incorporate your favorite colors. And here is a cute and easy way to create fun little Easter cards for a quick springtime hello.

Since we took a brief hiatus this spring there wasn't a lot going on blog/project wise; however Christine did manage to make some amazing pickles from garden cucumbers. I tried some this Christmas when I was home, and she did a great job!!

Enter summer, and the reemergence of the blog. We were so happy to be back and rearing to go. Catherine came to visit me and we took an afternoon to make some charming little bracelets; and I bestowed both sisters with a handmade dream catcher for their respective birthdays.

This fall I made some sisters clutches, and Christine dove in to some Halloween inspired projects.

Since Catherine is a masterful knitter, I had to feature something she made this year. Not the easiest project to replicate, but she made our Mom this beautiful Song of the Sea cowl. And Christine did a lot of foraging in the pasture and yard. Above is a sneak peak of her Thanksgiving centerpiece.

More foraging from Christine! This time she created some cute package adornments, featuring foliage and leather knots.

Well that was the handmade year at a glance. There was oh so much more, but you'll have to do some of your own foraging around the blog to find it. I hope you all have an inspired 2014, Happy New Year!

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