Saturday, December 7, 2013


Winter arrived in full force this week. Well, that might be an exaggeration. It's cold here and it snowed a little, but it's much colder and snowier in other parts of the country. I was able to collect supplies for a new foraged winter wreath, so we're totally fine. I had to assemble it in stages though, and I came inside every few minutes to thaw my fingers. What a rough life, right?

You know who else has a rough life? Peanut. Since Catherine placed this faux fur rug in front of the heater, Peanut has been perched there nonstop. She's a rolling, sitting, stretching, sleeping champion.

The cold, clear weather has generated some lovely sunsets this week. I risked a picture while on the interstate. The man in the Corvette might have assumed I was taking a picture of his flashy ride, but I was actually documenting these flashy clouds and shadowy treeline. Way better than a Corvette.

If you don't recognize this line, it's from Neko Case's "Thrice All American" off her Furnace Room Lullaby album. It's like my theme song and I always think about Neko when I head into downtown Tacoma.

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