Monday, December 16, 2013

Book Report: Bookish Gift Guide 2

Image by Coffee Stains and Cigarettes on Flickr

Just in case you didn't find the perfect present in last week's post, here's the second round of bookish gifts for the book lover in your life...

Admittedly, I have way too many canvas totes. In my defense, there are so many great totes out there, and they're just so...well, totable. Here are three literary totes, I'd be happy to sling over my shoulder. Clockwise from top right: Poe-ka Dots Tote, $18.00 from Out of Print;  I Capture the Castle Canvas Shopper, $17.85 from The Literary Gift Company; Book Worm Tote Bag, $22.11 from Not On the High (I'm way excited about the I Capture the Castle tote. You know how much I love that book!)  

I'm not a coffee or tea drinker because I don't really like hot drinks (As Kenneth the NBC Page would say, "That's the Devil's temperature!"), but I've been known to collect mugs all the same. Turns out, they work equally well for rum. Clockwise from top right: Jane Austen mug, $14.67 from McLaggen Smith Mugs, Sherlock Holmes mug, $20.00 from Kinship Goods; The Witches mug, $12.22 from The Roald Dahl Store.

Book lovers need something to adorn whatever blank walls might exist between their bookshelves, so I suggest a nice author portrait. There are lots to choose from, so chances are good everyone will easily find their favorites. Clockwise from right: J.D. Salinger Print, $25.10 by Standard Designs; Sylvia Plath Print, $25.10 by Lucy Loves This; Emily Dickinson Print, $15.00 by Ryan Sheffield.

Much like the author portraits, there's a huge selection of literary t-shirts out there. These three companies have loads of options from Greek mythology to children's classics. Take your pick. Clockwise from top left: Moby Dick tee, $25.00 by Miles to Go; For Whom the Bell Tolls tee, $28.00 by Out of Print; Gulliver's Travels tee, $34.00 by Litographs.

Since we're getting closer to Christmas, it's always a good idea to check on shipping dates before you order. Even if you've missed the deadline, most of these stores offer gift cards...or you could always draw up a sweet IOU.

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