Thursday, December 12, 2013

Made and Found: Foraged Tassels

I love bringing the outside in. The fact that December means we're allowed to put a six foot noble fir in our living rooms is pretty much my favorite thing ever...

(So favorite that I sometimes leave my tree up until March and have to hide it in my bedroom because I'm hosting a party and I don't want people to know I still have my Christmas tree up. Or I have to visit yard waste because it's April and I'm getting ready to move and there's my Christmas tree...still. And now I'm telling you all. Ugh, my life.) Anyway, I found these great copper caps at the local hardware store (in the plumbing section, I think?) and decided I'd repurpose them to make some nature gift toppers. Just gently pound a nail through the top of the cap to make a hole. Foraged and merry!

Just remember to be mindful of what you're bringing in. If you have pets or small children, don't forage anything that might look tempting, like holly berries. I also found a couple spider's egg sacs nestled inside my ferns. I'm not sure if the warm house would wake the baby spideys, but I'm not willing to take that chance. Finally, the warm house will wilt or dry out most foliage that's used to winter temperatures. So, don't harvest and assemble too early, or you'll end up with crunchy pine needles everywhere.

Happy wrapping!


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