Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Handmade Home: Merry Merry Banner

We have a really nice vaulted ceiling in our living room, and with my love for draping various decorations (you can see my hot air balloons hanging in the background), it's surprising that I haven't ventured to maximize the heights of the room. This year is different though, because I am making merry work of that empty space...

This banner came about after looking around the house wanting some extra holiday decorations but not wanting to go out and obtain supplies. So I glanced at the cardboard awaiting the recycling center, and my overstock of yarns. Add some spray paint and we're golden.

I went tassel crazy, but am very pleased about how they all came to together in the end, you know in the spirit of the season.

I am very merry when ever I look at the new addition to my holiday decor arsenal. Now that I've made use of this space, I better start planning some more big banners.

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