Wednesday, March 5, 2014


They're done! The godforsaken socks have been knit!!! All of my Christmas 2013 obligations are fulfilled!!!!!

You can read about my the Battlestar Galactica sock details here....and over here (they've been a work in progress ok?). I picked up this yarn in 2012 from Twisted yarn store in Portland, Oregon. It's Malabrigo sock yarn. I bought one purple (named Black Currant) and one blue-hued (named Baltic) skein. The blue ball (ha) ended up being knit into the Song of the Sea Cowl for my mom for Christmas. Now that I think about this, both of her Christmas knits were made out of Malabrigo sock yarn--neato!
I always forget how awkward it is to get a flattering sock picture. I don't think I figured it out in this post.

This picture makes it look like I made socks for a giant goblin. Is that oxymoronic?
I don't know exactly what qualifies one as a goblin.

Side note: I have only visited Twisted Yarn Store once, but I blogged about it back in 2012 because it was such a lovely yarn shop. I bought quite a bit of yarn and have since knit something out of ever last ball--that doesn't always happen. I was pleased with each and every project. Take a look for inventory of Twisted Yarn projects.

Christine's Woodland Shawl (or as I named it on Ravelry, she keeps me warm)
Mom's Song of the Sea Cowl (like a wrecking ball)
I knit some mittens with Malabrigo yarn from Twister, but I guess I never blogged about them. I've knit three pairs of these Grove Mittens by Brooklyn Tweed over the last 3 years, and I believe I gave them to my mom. I could never get the sizing right. Mittens are hard to fit on my gigantic hands. Sigh. Here is the pair I knit for Christine (I think I only knit them for her because they didn't fit me when I was done) forget her and forget you too.


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