Saturday, July 14, 2012

Do I see some tenting?

Okay so I have officially wasted hours, well not wasted, but just spent hours on Pinterest this morning. Why shouldn't I? I'll tell you why. It was during one of the only times today when it won't be too hot to go outside, and I am sure Olive would have really loved a nice quiet morning stroll; but Pinterest it was.

 Two reasons why I was so captivated. First, I started a new pin board entitled Tents that features, you guessed it, tents.

Camp Decor

Soul Sweet

Anthropologie Altair Tent

 Lucy Hutchinson

Zeynep Arda

 Second, I started another new pin board Pinwheels for Dawn.
This board is for my lovely friend Dawn who is soon to be wed.

I love these colors. So fun.

wedding chicks

Martha Stewart


 If you want to see how we sisters are progressively wasting hours on pinning you should follow us.
Come now, you know if would be fun.

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