Thursday, July 12, 2012

cats on cats on cats

Rutherford Gibson mans the phones at IBKC fundraising headquarters. Photo by Laurie Cinotto

This is just a little reminder about The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee fundraiser. They're at the nine day countdown and still have a ways to go before they reach their $75,000 goal. If you're feeling generous, consider stopping by the IBKC's First Giving fundraising page and leaving a little something. If you're more inclined to look at pictures of adarlingable (yes, that is a mash-up of adorable and darling) kittens, check out the IBKC blog for sleeps, squints, meeps, nips, and frolicks.
And finally if, in addition to both of the ideas above, you need to drop some USDs on a frivolous bit of feline wonderment for your walls, please see the recommendations below.

1. An official IBKC poster by Boo Davis, with all proceeds benefiting the fundraiser!

2012 IBKC Fundraising Poster by Boo Davis

Cats of the World

3. This rainbow cat poster, on sale at Urban Outfitters. SALE!

Rainbow Cat Poster 

The Persian and the Ashes of the First Stars

As always, this post was written with an active cat tail covering a good many of the keys and some little paws curled right up against my arm. As it should be.

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