Friday, July 13, 2012

Good thinkin', Lincoln.

If you're out of the loop, I really love Abraham Lincoln. I mean really love him. This kind of love makes it mandatory to stop by Ford's Theatre while in DC. Granted, I had been there some 16 years earlier, but I had never been to the Peterson House (the house across from Ford's Theatre where Lincoln was taken after he was shot). This kind of love also gets me in trouble because I tend to buy way too much memorabilia and then I become the weirdo with too much Lincoln memorabilia. There's nowhere else to put it!

My love for Lincoln is a special elitist's type of love. This type of love meant that my mother and I ditched the lecture at Ford's Theatre and went on our own guided tour. You can't teach basic Lincoln assassination to Nicolai's--we already have that covered, trust me.

JWB's derringer

Mary Surratt...tsk tsk.

JWB's boot--Dr. Samuel Mudd had to cut it off in order to treat Booth's broken leg.

From Ford's Theatre looking into Peterson House.

Replica wall paper

Replica Lincoln death bed. Don't fret, I've seen the real one in Springfield!

All of the books ever written about Lincoln.
I heard somewhere that Lincoln is written about more than Jesus...?

 Happy Friday the 13th, may you have better luck than Lincoln!

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