Friday, June 22, 2012

Baby sweater!

You've heard about Maya (one of Christine's BFFs) before and how wonderful she is. Maya doesn't just teach, write poetry, win poetry contests, get books published etc, she also is going to have a baby boy any day now. To celebrate this exciting new addition in her life, I decided to go ahead and knit a little baby sweater with a hood. The pattern is called Jasper Diamond Hoodie and it's published in Vintage Baby Knits...

I will say the pattern was a wee bit frustrating because the hood portion was fairly unclear. In the end, the sweater turned out well. I knit the 6-9 month size, but the yarn I used is rather bouncy so it should stretch. I picked up some nice Cherub DK yarn from Cascade Yarn--they're based in Seattle...bonus! I bought this yarn with Christine's approval the last time I was in Spokane. Spokane has this divine little local yarn shop called Paradise Fibers. Here's how it all turned out...

I picked up the genuine leather "old man sweater" buttons at Canvas Works in Olympia. I really like the way they helped polish the sweater.

I always think about what I was doing when I knit things. I finished the last stitch on this baby's sweater the same day I finished my Masters degree. It will always be "the Master sweater" to me.

Christine went for a walk with Maya yesterday, and the sweater was delivered. I received word from Christine that Maya loved it. SUCCESS!!!!


  1. oh my gosh that is the cutest sweater - i'm so impressed!

  2. HI, you did a fabulous job w/this sweater. It looks better then the one in the book. Yes, I bought the "Vintage Baby Knits" book that the pattern is in! And my next task is to find the buttons from your resource. You've inspired me, and I'm making matching for my grands!

    1. Liz,
      I'm so glad that you're going to make some sweaters, and thanks for the compliment. I know that JoAnn's has buttons that resemble these, but they're made out of plastic and you don't get the same effect. I noticed that the packaging on the buttons I got said that they were made in Germany. My guess is that local sewing shops might have them in their button section too.
      Best of luck to you!


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