Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Found Nest.

You may remember these pictures from Christine's Instaweek: California Edition 1, I have borrowed them to set the scene for my brief story about how I found a birds nest. It all started at a little park in Burbank...

Overlooking Forest Lawn Cemetery, final resting place of Humphrey Bogart, Clark Gable, and Walt Disney,
to name a few.

The park also borders the LA River, majestic, no? Anyway the very brief story goes like this; Ben and I took the scooter to this park to eat our Healthy Bites (amazing Mediterranean food), and enjoy the weather. I got to enjoy more than that because on the way to the picnic table I found a abandoned bird's nest!

It was on the ground and there was no sign of its owner. I would never take a nest out of a tree, but if the nest is empty and laying on the ground, then yes, it will become mine. I love it because you can see all sorts of different materials that the bird used to construct it. Little amazing birds.

This little dear now lives on my mantel under a glass canister (you know so the bird lice can't get out), on a pretty plate. Maybe I should set some of my ceramic birds next to it...hmm, I just might.

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