Friday, June 8, 2012


Confession: I don't have a system in place to keep track of a good many of my craft supplies. A large chunk of this seemingly unorganizable stockpile is yarn and wool roving. I don't know if it's just that these items are the bulkiest and therefore take up the most space, or that I refuse to shove them into a  cupboard or drawer because I don't want them to end up smelling like pressboard or something. Anyway, a decent portion of my fiber supply has found a fairly permanent home in this bag from the now defunct Pacific Fabrics. Witness my shame below. 

Pacific Fabrics in Puyallup was bomb. Giant frown over the fact they no longer exist.

Normally, the bag is shut up tight because I don't want my crafting shit to get all dusty. 
Spokane is very dusty. Truth. 

I decided to combine my surplus fibers with my surplus collection of cleaned project-ready glass jars. Yes, like my grandmother (who was a consumate saver of plastic margarine tubs and Cool Whip containers), I also save jars and jugs. Sometimes I have a project in mind, and sometimes I'm just preparing for a disastrous future event. I imagine that old pickle jars will have great value in our apocalyptic future times. I mean, what future bandit wouldn't be thrilled to trade a clean pickle jar for a pint of petrol? Well, I suppose a bandit wouldn't trade--he would just take the pickle jar. Damn him. 

Please ignore all the wrinkles in my fabric. I honestly can't be bothered to iron a thing. Some homemaker I turned out to be. 

For a great tutorial--I mean, why should I make one when a perfectly practical tutorial already exists? Plus, it always seems to be night in Spokane, making workable pictures quite difficult. How is that possible?--grab some bits and pieces of paper and your trusty Modge Podge and visit the lovely and amazing ladies (and gents?) at Design Sponge

Here's a link to their super-easy tute: paper scrap recycling. Always make things beautiful all the time forever.
Create, my darlings, create!

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