Monday, June 11, 2012


The final frontier. You knew that was coming, right? Well, I bet Monika did at least. She could probably feel me typing those words through the invisible sister tether the three of us have. (Monika's activates when I engage in nerd activities, Catherine's when I think about knitting and making cookies.) Monika is probably pausing right now, thinking: Something's up. I wonder if Christine is watching Battlestar Galactica... Oh I will be, sister, soon enough.

Not the point though--the point is: SPACE. It has everything, right? Science, mystery, danger, energy, darkness and light, and the essential components of all life (let's just call it stardust). Oh, and a dash of romance. Wait, you say, romance? Ugh, yes. Any time you have that combination (science, mystery, danger, energy, darkness and light...stardust), you're going to have romance in there. I don't care whether it's space or sewers. OK, maybe not sewers. But then again, maybe sewers.

The secondary point is that I'm way covetous of any space-related item. Is it stellar? Is it cosmic? Love it and love it even more. I'm a super nerd that way. Here are a few of my current outer-space needs/wants/desires/obsessions:

1. This meteor silk scarf by Anabela and Geoff of Fieldguided

3. This full moon stamp by Stephanie of Extase

Le sigh. To all of it. 

Of course, I can't justify spending $112 on a scarf right now, or dropping $13,000 on the most amazing quilt ever. Which is definitely not to say, on the off chance that one of the artisans of these lovely items happen to stumble across this post, that I don't think those items are worth their price tag. I do think Jimmy McBride's quilt is worth that much, and if I had tens of thousands of dollars to play around with, I would sure as hell buy that badass quilt. Know that. So, what is the point? I'm not entirely sure I have one, but I would like to note that I'm inspired by all these items. I think it's time to make something! 

SPACE: an infinite source of inspiration. 

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