Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I've been slacking, but I'm not a slacker.

Since I've been back from Vacation 2011, I really have been slacking off in the blog department. I can't seem to get caught up with anything since vacation. I feel like I owe some kind of explanation, especially to Christine because she's been the sole blogger for the last 2 weeks.
Just to let everyone know, things have been happening.

1). Homework--lots of it. Lots of reading too.

Peanut has been making it really hard to get work done.
The colder it gets, the more clingy she gets.

2). I've been knitting some socks.

The pattern is called "Chain of Hearts."
I would probably called it "V-sock" (but not "V" as in "vagina").

3). I had good intentions about blogging this past weekend, but Sunday night something traumatic happened with a deer, a fence, and the City of Olympia Police Department. Let's just say that I'm still not over it, and it occupies my dreams (in a bad way). If you don't want to see a gross picture, leave our blog now.

This has seriously caused me a major setback. I wonder if I can make a claim against the City for grief counseling...something to think about.

Anyway, I've booked a ticket to visit Sister Monika in Burbank in about a week. I am oh-so-very excited!!!!

I also just found this picture of a cupcake called "The Amy Winehouse" from a food cart in Portland. We got these a couple of years ago. I wonder if they stopped selling them after she drank herself to death...? At the time I also wondered if a 5 year-old kid ordered one, would they leave the straw and powder off?

It was delicious.

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