Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I took some vacation home with me!

I tried not to go crazy on vacation, but I did bring home several things that will always remind me of my trip. Most of these things were purchased, but I did find several free nature treasures that will go on bookshelves and in shadowboxes.

Bird key chain holders from Stockholm!

You take the bird out but the house stays put. The bird turns into an "R-Whistle".

Barnacle vase!

Cat coin purse from my favorite museum--The Zoological Museum in Copenhagen.

Succulent candle from the Botanical Gardens in Copenhagen.

These are little expandable spoons that come with your Icelandic Skyre (yogurt).
I took all of them home with me. We ate lots of Skyre (we used real spoons though).

I had an amazing vacation, but I was ready to come home.
Plus this little terror was ready for us to come home too.

1 comment:

  1. Did Nick get a bird keychain, too? I don't want him to get R'ed.


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